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Contacts: Kevin Wang(General Manager)
Address:Jiangning Dist.Nanjing Jiangsu Province
Zip Code:211100

Our Value

Mutual Profit

We respect each other in pursuit of sharing values accompanied by company's development and business growth with our employees, customers and partners.


Customer-Focused Growth and Innovation

We put our emphases on customer's growth and product application innovation. We strive to meet or exceed customer's expectation through our outstanding service that anticipate customers' needs and deliver value. We always seek new and better ways to create value for customer and the company.


Integrity、Safety and Responsibility

Commitment to the highest standards of business integrity, safety, responsibility, we're requested to communicate frankly and treat customer honestly, keep in mind that business integrity is base for survival. We make safety a precondition for everything we do. We pursue the highest standard of business and personal conduct, responsibility is much heavier than Tai mountain.

Professional Commitment

We dedicated to food additives, put emphases on mobilising to the best of one's ability, knowledge and know-how of the individuals and also call for training to keep both up to date. It requires personal commitment and a willingness to take on the tasks assigned and to acquire knowledge necessary to do the job. It requires the effective contribution of each person in caring particularly for the customers and the company.